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Print and Product Pricing

Every session comes with at least a $25 print credit. What is a print credit? It is the dollar amount of free free prints you get with your session fee. Your print credit is to be used on prints only, not products such as: canvas wraps, wall shapes, cards, DVDs, etc. This is a pricing reference list, but there are many more sizes and products available. Call for pricing of cards, books, gift items, cell phone cases and much more!

Print Pricing:

Photo Retouch (only needed once per image) - $3.00

8 Wallets $4.00

4x6 $4.00

4x10 $8.00

5x7 $6.00

8x8 $8.00

8x10 $8.00

11x14 $12.00

12x12 $12.00

16x20 $30.00

20x20 $40.00

Copy-RIght Released DVDs of your session photos are available for purchase after your session:

Newborn Sessions:

-Baby Bump Session DVD: $125

-Fingers & Toes Session DVD: $150

-Snuggles & Cuddles SessionDVD: $200

Baby's First Year:

-Watch Me Grow Package DVD: $750

-Catch My Cuteness Package DVD: $350

Childrens Sessions:

-Mini Session DVD: $100

-Moments Session DVD: $125

-Memories Session DVD: $200

Family Sessions:

-A Little Togetherness Session DVD: $150

-Keepsake Session DVD: $250

-One Big Happy Family Session DVD: $300

Senior Sessions:

-Just Get it Done Session DVD: $200

-Senioritis Session DVD: $275

-Best of Both Worlds Session DVD: $350

-Four Seasons Package DVD: $450

Print credits are not allowed to be used on the Copy-RIght Released DVDs.

Canvas Wraps:

8x8 Canvas Wrap $75

8x10 Canvas Wrap $75

10x10 Canvas Wrap $75

11x14 Canvas Wrap $80

12x12 Canvas Wrap $85

10x20 Canvas Wrap $90

16x20 Canvas Wrap $90

20x20 Canvas Wrap $95

Artistry Wall Shapes:

10x10 Artistry Wall Shape $40.00

12x12 Artistry Wall Shape $55.00

16x16 Artistry Wall Shape $75.00

Single Photo Copy-Right Release $20

*Prices are subject to change at any time.*